Hello world!

I never really saw myself as a the type of person who would start a blog.  But then again, I never  really saw myself as the type to move to Subic either. Nor did I see myself  as a future housewife.  So I guess this a year for surprises (either that or I have crappy personal insight).

I have to admit I’m writing a blog for purely selfish reasons.

On the shallowest level, I have nothing better to do. I decided to turn over the operations and management of my nail spa to my cousin because I think she can do a better job running it than I can. I plan on putting my career-hunting on hold until the wedding is over. And I can anticipate many months of climbing the walls and staring at monkeys when I eventually move to Subic. So blogging will probably help in keeping me from getting loopy.

On a deeper level, I recently rediscovered my love for writing when I was making our wedding website.

The thing is, I’ve personally gone  through a lot these past couple of years. I’ve experienced a multitude of  highs and lows that I never really thought I would experience in my lifetime. Writing  proved to be very cathartic for me. There was something about transforming my thoughts into words that made me feel like I was giving myself an intrinsic pat on the back.

The experience made me decide to continue writing in the hopes that it would help me re-affirm my priorities and aid me in finding myself again amidst all these changes.

So what can you expect when you start reading my blog? I honestly don’t know yet. 😛 I wish I could be one of those bloggers with a set theme and vision.

But I’d like to think of my blog as a chronicle of my life journey. So expect posts ranging from the inane to the dramatic and hopefully the profound. Will pass around bits of wisdom from my experiences as I go through the cut-throat world of wedding preparations, the tumultuous  path of rediscovering myself  and the scary life of an undomesticated wife in a suburban town. Will even throw in a few reviews of some of the Subic spots that I visit  (the more nice spots people know about, the more friends will come visit and the the less “desperate”  I’d be).

Hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing in it.


P.S. Because I have OC tendencies, please indulge me as I write about past experiences in the first few posts. It’s more organized that way. 🙂

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