11 years

My fiance and I celebrated our eleventh year as a couple yesterday. Although it’s our last anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend, we didn’t pull out all the romantic stops. We just spent some precious quality time together (he’s been based in Subic for the past year, so spending weekdays with him is always a treat) . He talked about his day and shared the stress and pressure he was feeling at work, I talked about my latest favorite venture (my blogging), made a few running commentaries about the people we know over dinner, had a drink each at the bar, went to visit my dad in the cemetery then went home.  It was pretty perfect if you ask me, since it sort of gave me a preview of how we will be as a married couple.

I already wrote sappy piece on our relationship in our wedding website, so will hold the mush this time.  However, would like to commemorate our 11 years by writing 11 facts about us.

1. Our first “real” date wasn’t even a date. 

One of my god daughters was celebrating her first birthday. Her mom told me to invite a friend so I wouldn’t get bored. It so happened that we were texting that same night, so I asked him if he wanted to go. He said yes. Little did I know that he actually considered it a date. I just wanted kasama. It was in McDonald’s. We didn’t even pay for our food for crying out loud.

2. We call each other mister and missy.

Don’t ask me why. I forget where these pet names originated. Now he wants to call me missus when we’re married. Uh… no.

3. A lot of our significant memories were inside his car

We got close because I rode his car in one of our org’s emergency projects. As friends, he would bring me home alot so alot of our getting-to-know-you’s were in the car. Our first kiss was also in the car. Even our first official breakup was in the car. 11 years later, our most engaging conversations are still in the car. If I give birth to our first baby in the car it would be a full circle moment.

4. Unless we have social obligations, we are perfectly content vegging out on weekends. 

More often than not, we would spend  two full days in his room. I would be on his ipad playing Jojo. He would be on his laptop catching up with work. Occasionally we would bicker about what to watch on TV. One of us would fall asleep and the other one would steal the remote  until the other one wakes up and demands tv control. And the cycle goes on and until the following day. It sounds boring for a lot of people. But for us, it’s perfect.

5. We both like watching Filipino movies.

I think Cinemaone is the only channel we agree on. Our favorites? Any movie with John Lloyd Cruz, Aga Mulach, Eugene Domingo or Vilma Santos. We also watch the occassional flicks by Anne Curtis, Toni Gonzaga or Luis Manzano.

6. We take our photobooth very seriously 

We practice our poses and love hamming it up. We’re more subdued when it’s his event though because he has an image to uphold. 😛  We even have goofy poses in my camera that I’m not allowed to upload. Lately though, we’ve ran out of material so making a mental note to brush up on poses.

6. He’s the dreamer, I’m the realist.

This can be a surprise for people who know us because I can easily be pegged as the flighty one. But he actually comes up with the wonderful, lofty dreams and is very optimistic about our future. I kinda rain on his parade by asking about the tangibles.

7. He’s spender, I’m a saver

We both don’t like feeling poor but we manifest it in different ways. He doesn’t like feeling deprived, so he buys expensive things. I don’t like the insecurity of not having money, so I can go on for months with just spending on absolute necessities.

8. I’m warm and friendly, he’s sedate and formal

I form instant friendships with people. It takes him a while to warm up. If you read our emails and letters, mine are usually short, friendly and a bit casual (even if those letters are for business purposes), his are detailed, formal and proper (even if those letters are for  family).

9. Our pet peeves about each other:

Mine: He takes forever to put his socks and shoes on. I kid you not. He usually dresses up with the TV on. So he puts one sock on. Pauses. Watches the rest of the show. When the commerical break comes on, he puts on the next sock. Then waits til the next commercial before putting on one shoe.

His: I  pressure him to react when I’m telling a story. According to him,  I talk about something animatedly,  then stop mid-story to wait for him to say or do something. The lull can last uncomfortably long until he gives a nod or an appropriate acknowledgment that he’s still with me before I continue with the story (I don’t know why that’s annoying though. It’s the normal dynamics of a conversation).

11. We’re each other’s best friend and can talk about anything 

I felt the 11th one should be an ‘aww’ piece. But it sort of came out cliche. It’s the truth though. If there’s any strength in our relationship, it’s the fact that we can always talk. We talk mundane every day things , deep philosophical ideas, stupid funny anecdotes, it doesn’t even matter how uncomfortable the topic or the situation is. We can talk. There is no topic that’s taboo. No question that’s off -limits.

I think this trait of ours saved us alot in the past. We would have broken up a long time ago if we didn’t know how to express ourselves with each other.

So, to my husband to be, cheers to our dramatic but boring relationship. Writing this piece made me realize how excited I am to marry you. 🙂

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