Dating more fun in 2001

My husband and I would have reached our 12th year  as boyfriend and girlfriend had we not decided to make it official /legal earlier this year.

In a moment of nostalgia, I started going through old pictures and recalling memorable moments.  With a jolt, I suddenly realized,  holy crap. We’re an ancient couple.

I never fully digested how long we’ve really been together until I started looking back at pop culture way back when started dating in 2001.

1. Our first picture was a neoprint. In Enchanted Kingdom.  Nuff said.


Our EK neo-print way back in 2001.

2. On our first “monthsary”,  he took me to Tagaytay, to have dinner in Gourmet Café.   Our total spending? A whopping 500 bucks. That included gas. #nottooshabby

Gourmet cafe grabbed from I have no idea
why there’s chicken mesh all over the place. I hope they didn’t close down. :((

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