Dating more fun in 2001

My husband and I would have reached our 12th year  as boyfriend and girlfriend had we not decided to make it official /legal earlier this year.

In a moment of nostalgia, I started going through old pictures and recalling memorable moments.  With a jolt, I suddenly realized,  holy crap. We’re an ancient couple.

I never fully digested how long we’ve really been together until I started looking back at pop culture way back when started dating in 2001.

1. Our first picture was a neoprint. In Enchanted Kingdom.  Nuff said.


Our EK neo-print way back in 2001.

2. On our first “monthsary”,  he took me to Tagaytay, to have dinner in Gourmet Café.   Our total spending? A whopping 500 bucks. That included gas. #nottooshabby

Gourmet cafe grabbed from I have no idea
why there’s chicken mesh all over the place. I hope they didn’t close down. :((

3. We used to text each other a lot.  I had a NOKIA Charlie’s Angel phone (Nokia 8210). He had the model that appeared in the first Matrix (7010).  He had to get my number via IR. Not even Bluetooth. Thru Infrared.  We had to align our phones in a certain way for the data to come in . It was much easier to dictate stuff ofcourse, but the technology was new. So getting info via IR was way cooler

charlie's angels                                      nokia 7110.

                     Our main means of communication. Both phones had a black & white LCD screen complete with the funky  graphics. Plus, you can play snake when you’re bored.  It  can also store 30++ messages and more than 500 contacts!   Wow!  (Photo of Nokia 8210 grabbed  from & Nokia 7010 came from


4. Aside from phones, the hip gadget was a palm pilot.  My first one even had a black and white screen.  It didn’t really help much with my studying, I just used it for “Dope Wars” in between classes.  He on the other hand, was considered a “techy” because he was one of the first ones to own a laptop. His pacute move? He offered to make my collage page in the yearbook with (insert gasp) no less than Photoshop.

sony vaio.www.hwsw.hujpgpalm one.

Our must-have gadgets. My ever-trusty palm pilot complete with the bulky charger. And Moe’s first ever laptop. It can probably store what…50 songs? 🙂  (Picture of Palm one from Old sony vaio laptop from

5. I think only Ateneans  can relate to this.  He claims he first saw me in that pathway from Colayco to the lib.  We officially met in Colayco. We   went back to both places for our prenup pictorial only to find out that these structures don’t exist anymore. . Oh, and to top it off,  we had our “study” dates in  Beanhoppers. Sometimes, we would stop by Zagu near Dunkin’ Donuts, in between breaks too.  Can you say obsolete? 😛


The only picture I could find of Colayco. 😦 Picture taken from pinoyxchange forum.
Posted by Purplebucket

6. When we first started dating, there was no such thing as social networks. Infact, we were way into the relationship when “Friendster” came up.  Kinda feel wistful that I didn’t save any of his testimonials.

I remember how everyone used to ask people for testimonials. Hahaha. Laughtrip. (Photo courtesy of

7. Rebonding did not exist back then. I had my hair relaxed at least once a month. Problem was, it would return back to its poufy self after less  than a week. It’s a wonder he still noticed me even with the helmet I called my hair.


One of our first pictures together, with my very becoming unrebonded hair.


8. PoNaNa was still the place to be.  (To the young ones, you know that condemned building in Libis? The one that they turned into a tailor shop in “The Mistress”?? That used to be a thriving bar, I kid you not.)  I used to go clubbing a lot with my best friend.  I first had an inkling that I liked him, when in the middle of all that “fun” (why we found it fun to stand in heels and listen to blaring music, I have no idea), I realized that I was more excited about our Sunday brunch than hanging out in the bar and drinking. So I went to the bathroom, called him up and we ended up talking for 10 whole minutes…

Ponana taken from instagram red teodoro

Used to hang out here way back when I still had the energy to go to 7:30 class in the morning, end at around 6,
go clubbing at around 10 pm, stay til 3 am, then do org-work the following day. Fun?!? (Photo searched in google and grabbed from Red Teodoro’s instagram account)

9.  Which brings me to ninth point, calling via celphone was expensive back then. We had none of that unli crap. A 10 min call would cost around 8-10 php per minute. A fortune for college kids. We did have free text though. But the networks were so clogged that you had to wait at least an hour before the recipient gets your message. 😛 Those were the days when landlines were still indispensable.

landline wikipedia

This is what you call a landline. It wasn’t just used for emergencies.You actually had to call your crush on one of these before. . (Photo from wikipedia)

10. We had to make do with dial up internet. So chatting via IM was not fun. Not only were messages delayed,  the internet would get cut everytime someone lifts the phone…


Good old unreliable dial up internet. Caption pretty much sums it up. (Photo from

11. Our first theme song? “Passenger seat” by Stephen speaks. 😛

stephen speaks. videokeman.comjpeg

Aww. They even had a concert in Ateneo. (Photo grabbed from

12.  Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto were still an item. As a matter of fact, we were on our first out of town trip together when Rico Yan passed away.  Tsk, tsk. #anyareclau?

claudine and rico.

The golden age of Claudine Barretto. (photo from

So to my husband, cheers to how “cool” we were back then (mockery intended). I look at our life now and realize that we’ve only gotten more baduy over time.  Props to us for surviving the complications of more than a decade’s worth of of dating.

It’s been a long journey for us. But it’s actually true what people say; when you’re spending it with your best friend, difficulties don’t seem as insurmountable and a lifetime doesn’t seem so long.


Photo taken on our wedding day by Catilo Photography

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