Our Relationship in Selfies

I was supposed to post this on our boyfriend and girlfriend anniversary, but I procrastinated and totally forgot about it. I rediscovered it when I reopened my blog to post something totally different.

I figured it would be apt to post it right now, since it’s nearing our wedding anniversary anyway.

Just to give a brief background, I used to be a vain, vain girl. So our relationship (at least before we got engaged) was well-documented. Not only did I overshare in my previous social media sites, but I took a lot of selfies (even before selfies were invented).  So just to put all the pictures into good use, I figured it would be fun to create throwback post of our relationship.

1. 2001. One of our first “official pictures” together. This was taken in a neo print booth in  Enchanted Kingdom. Notice that Moe still had a full head of hair. And wtf is up with my under cut? ( I seriously thought I looked cutting edge chic). (P.S. I posted this in a previous blog, but this was the only 2001 couple picture that I found of us)


2. 2002. On a roadtrip to Tagaytay. We were still in college and had lots of time, but no money. So mooching off free attractions like Sonya’s Garden was in the itinerary.  I got a kick out of the fact that my boyfriend knew how to drive, so never mind that we just went around in circles. He was DRIVING. I felt very adult.

sonyas garden, roadtrip

3. 2003. We felt it would be romantic to have a picnic in the campus field (Belfield) during the Xmas break. Neither of us knew how to cook, so I stole leftover Xmas food from our refrigerator. At a certain point, I lay my head on his lap. A car passing by screamed at us for PDA’ing. I was Catholic-girl-school bred and was mortified. That ended our “romantic” day out.

M0e and pia2,picnic,bel field

2004. It was the year that he entered law school and joined a fraternity and I literally never saw him.  My bff kept me entertained by inviting me to go clubbing more often than usual. Moe, did not get the pull of dark, smoky, over crowded- rooms  and blaring music  (he also did not see the fun in hanging out with individuals who were high on alcohol and, to quote Billy Joe, “what-not”) so he never went with me even if he had the free time. This was taken in Italianni’s in Greenbelt, we grabbed a quick dinner before I headed to Temple (do not judge me, I’m that old. By the way, I took this picture with a palm pilot. How’s that for old).


2005. My parents spent their 25th anniversary with the rest of the clan in Palawan and invited Moe along. His idea of a nice leisurely morning  was kayaking around the entire island, so he was burnt to a crisp. I just watched him huff and puff through this activity while leisurely tanning and sipping on vodka tonic. :p

Last fw pics b4 we leave

2006. We decided to check out the “new” resorts in Laiya. We did not plan the trip through and brought very little money. We ended up in a dinky resort that was filled with men who had just gotten out of prison and were out on a vacation . How we get ourselves in these situations, I have no idea.


2007. No picture. We were on a break. Hehehe.

2008. Boracay. Moe had just graduated from Law School and was studying for the bar. He spent most the beach trip studying, and I spent most of it drinking. 😛 (The story of our lives)


2009. Look who finally passed the bar!


2010. My best friend’s wedding. We were both not in a happy place,  but we had our picture taken anyway. 😛


2011. Moe had just moved to Subic. In his efforts to convince me to move , he took me Kamana. I  was still not happy about it, but the prospect of being near places like this made me more open to the prospect. I’m pretty predictable that way.

2011. Moe had just moved to Subic. In his efforts to convince me to move , he took me Kamana. I still was not happy about it, but the prospect of being near places like this made me more open to the prospect. I'm pretty predictable that way.

2012. We had just gotten engaged and decided to join the prenup bandwagon. Bad idea. We were not very comfortable doing serious-lovey-dovey poses. Our poor photographer (Joshua de Guzman), made the most out of it, and we got really great pictures out of the process. Notice the tortured look on Moe’s face though.


2013. Our wedding day. Still the same problem with the lovey-dovey poses. Jorem Catilo was a whiz, because we got great shots, must have been excruciating for him however. 😛


2014. Celebrated wearing matchy shirts by taking a selfie.


2015 Our latest picture together taken during Moe’s fraternity brother’s (and groomsman) wedding. This is the only couple picture we have so far.


Looking back at these pictures I realised certain things.

1. Moe’s hair loss is inversely proportional to the amount of pounds I gained.

2. Our relationship dynamics have gone through significant changes. We are less volatile for one thing. I’d like to think it’s because we have managed to find some sort of balance and we now can express ourselves as individuals without compromising the other’s growth.  But I think it’s also because we have mastered the art of learned helplessness and had gotten too old and too lazy to fight.

3. Although certain things have changed, the core of what kept us together remains the same. We really are each other’s best friend. And no matter how insufferable we find each other, we really do still enjoy hanging out and talking to each other.

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