Moving Blog Sites

When I started this blog, I was newly engaged and had begrudgingly agreed to leave my business, my friends and family behind to move with my then-husband-to-be to Subic.

Anticipating a lot of  down time, I decided to start a blog just so I could chronicle my life as a lonely housewife. (I also wanted to passive aggressively get back at my very private husband for making me leave my comfort zone by oversharing our life together. :P)

My life has been a roller coaster since. Unlike I had anticipated, I actually had a life in Subic and my ties in Manila continued to grow; so I had less time to write than I thought I would.

Neverthless, this journal has been gratifying and cathartic. I look back at my  posts and realise how much I’ve actually grown and how much things have changed.

This year, armed with a new determination  to live a more purposeful, thoughtful and blissful (borrowing your catchphrase Martine!) life, I decided to start a bigger, better (and prettier) blog.

With a mixture of pride and school girl giddiness, I’d like to introduce you to “Head Full of Brains, Shoes of Full of Feet” my newest journal, and the chronicles to my continued attempts at “adulting.”


To everyone who followed, read and messaged me here in my Desperate Subic Housewife blog, thank you! I seriously, seriously had very low expectations on reader turnout so it always comes as a pleasant surprise to me when I get positive feedback. (Hell, even getting “likes” make me kilig)

I hope you continue reading my new blog. I promise to ramble less often! 🙂

Cheers to living a less desperate and more mature life! 🙂